Promoting  authenticity,  understanding and acceptance 

through research, scholarship and social advocacy.


About Us

Based at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, we are a growing group of relationship scholars and social justice advocates. Humantistic psychology, queer theories, and progressive feminism are foundations to our work. We are a team like no other. Join us as we promote a movement of love positive empowerment. 


Spanning experimental designs and phenomenological interviews, we believe the best behavioral and social science comes from using mixed methods and approaches to tackle topics from many directions. In addition, we share knowledge with a broader audience through journalism and advocacy.


We promote more acceptance and understanding of diversity in love and relational orientations, more equity between groups and individuals, and more positive attitudes toward diversity in sexualities. We post things we think are in line with this advocacy and educational role. Feel free to contact us to suggest content. 

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