About Us. 

Led by Dr. Bjarne Holmes and based at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, we are a growing group of relationship scholars and social justice advocates. Our mission is to promote acceptance, understanding and authenticity through research, scholarship, and social advocacy. Humantistic psychology, queer theories, and progressive feminism are foundations to our work. Our research blends experimental and correlational designs with phenomenological and feminist research methods. We approach the world with mixed methods, because we believe this gives us the broadest opportunity for understanding diversity in the human experience. 


In addition to research, we share knowledge with a broader audience through journalism and advocacy. We promote more acceptance and understanding of diversity in love and relational orientations, more equity between groups and individuals, and more open and positive attitudes toward diversity in sexualities. 


We are a team like no other. Join us as we promote a movement of love positive empowerment. 

 The LOVES Team. 



E-mail: bmholmes@champlain.edu

Phone:  802-865-5765

Office: Freeman Hall 201

Student Researcher with a focus on promoting mental health for all. 

Student Researcher with a expertise in graphic design and social activist stance toward promoting acceptance. 

Senior Research Intern focused on prosocial behavior, acceptance of all, and increasing openness.

Student Researcher with a focus on well-being promotion and the application of positive psychology. 

Student Researcher and web content manager with an interest in socio economic justice. 

Student Researcher with an interest in ensuring counseling services to all. 

Student Researcher and an expert in criminal justice. 

Student Researcher with an expertise in literary narrative and editing. 

Senior Research Intern using positive psychology tools to promote well-being in college students. 

 Our Primary Collaborators and/or Consultants.

Ph.D. student studying with Dr. Lorne Campbell at the University of Western Ontario. 

Associate Professor at Champlain College; Neuroscientist and Creativity Researcher. 

Professor of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario.

Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University. 

Sex Educator and Researcher at Purdue University. 

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