Understanding New Relationship Excitement (NRE)

This article brings up the topic of serial monogamy, a term which has been discussed in our weekly group meetings on more than one occasion. The "serial monogamist" moves from partner to partner in search of that love-lust feeling of New Relationship Excitement (NRE): when enorphins are peaked, sexual energy is heighted, and everything is new. This is the same kind of feeling meant when one expresses that he or she is "falling in love". Unfortunately for the serial monogamist, these kinds of feelings only last 12-18 months at the most, and he or she moves on to the next partner, unwittingly depriving themselves of profound love and connection, which lifelong partners share. Understanding NRE is the best way to avoid falling into this vicious cycle.

View the article here. Take part in our challenge to readers: Come up with a word to describe such serial monogamy, other than monogamish.

#relationships #serialmonogamy #NewRelationshipExcitement

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