How Healthy Relationships Change Our Brains

Emotionally-focused therapy has demonstrated consistently in research to have higher than a seventy percent success rate in marriages showing signs of relationship distress. It works to break the cycle of negativity and hostility, and brings struggling couples back from the brink of relationship disaster. In this study, neuroscience and relationship research come together to take a look at how and why this works. After undergoing emotionally-focused therapy with her partner, previously unhappy married women, found soothing comfort and calm while holding hands with her partner when responding an electric shock. Even compared to holding hands with a stranger, the love and connection she shared with her partner literally worked to ease the fear and pain response within the neurons in her brain. The results of this study reveals how the quality of one's romantic relationship can directly ease suffering and trauma in the difficulties of life.

Watch the researcher discuss her study here or read the article yourself.

#love #relationships #research #emotionallyfocusedtherapy

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